Campground Regulations

Violations of regulations can result in immediate and possibly permanent expulsion. Your cooperation is required. Thank you!

  1. Because of contagious tree diseases, The Forest Service and Lost Mine ask that you do not bring firewood from out of our area. We also do not want your leftover unsplit logs or huge bon fires. There are 4 places nearby to buy firewood.
  2. Only one vehicle per site.
  3. A registration card for each vehicle must be filled out before pitching camp.
  4. Check out time is 11:00 a.m. Quiet time is all the time. Absolute quiet time is 10:00 p.m.. (All visitors must leave by 10:00 p.m.) Absolutely no radios at anytime.
  5. Pets must be kept on a leash. Clean up after your pets. Do not feed or pet stray animals. Pets are not to be left unattended. No violent or loud animals allowed. See additional Pet Rules.
  6. Electricity is for lighting only. No air conditioners or electric heaters allowed.
  7. Use the laundry room to wash dishes and clothes.
  8. Do not deface, cut, or drive nails into trees or tables. Putting an ax into a tree is the same as having an ax put through your tent. Do not allow lanterns to burn tree trunks. Use chain type hangers for hanging lanterns on trees. Extinguish all unnecessary lighting at 10:00 p.m. Avoid harsh or excessive lighting at all times.
  9. Camp sites are to be kept clean and free of debris. Pop tops, twist ties, and cigarette butts are trash so place them in trash cans.
  10. Fires are allowed in fireplaces only. Do not burn garbage. Leave ashes in fireplaces as the fireplaces are cleaned regularly. No foraging for firewood.
  11. Conserve water. Spring fed water supply is limited. Limit showers to five minutes. Make sure water at site is not left running. Visitors are not to use showers.
  12. If picnic tables are moved, return them to their proper locations before leaving. Keep charcoal grills, etc., out of contact with picnic tables.
  13. Avoid making or using steep paths that create erosion. Pitch tents on high ground. Absolutely no trenching. Stay in campground proper. Do not climb waterfalls. No picking of flowers or gathering of plant life. No parking or driving on grassy areas.
  14. Do not walk on our neighbors land.
  15. Drive slowly. Walk carefully. Do not block road when driving or walking. Do not play in the road. Walking single file on our narrow roads is advised as speeding motorists are common. Do not park on the side of the road.
  16. Parents, guardians, and group leaders: responsibility is still in your hands. Make sure everyone is aware of campground regulations. Know where and what your charges are doing at all times.
  17. No fireworks ---They are not even allowed on the 4th of July!
  18. Please read regulations each visit as they are sometimes updated.


Lost Mine Campground
1000 Silvermine Road
Bryson City, NC 28713
(828) 488-6445